Sunday, March 25, 2012

BIG OLD ANNOUNCEMENT EVERYONE. The 2012 Fun-A-Day Boston Show is coming, and it'll be bigger than last year I just know it! Go see what I managed to eke out this year. There will be block prints you can buy or trade and fun things that the Fun-A-Day Boston crew has probably come up with. The work of a ton of Boston-area artists will be in the Aviary Gallery in Jamaica Plain from March 29 – April 1st and it's FREE to be there!

Now? I'm thinking about what my theme's going to be next year...

Here are event stats:

6 to 10 PM

Aviary Gallery
48 South Street | Jamaica Plain, MA | 02130

facebook event

Did a little drawing at the Whitehaus Family Record in Jamaica Plain while listening to an eleven-part improvisation ensemble, invitation coming from violinist Jeffrey Young. They are Beasts of Improvisation on Parade! It was like wandering through a dark forest of musicians. Came out with a sketch as abstract as the music itself. At least I hope I did. Listen to the session and assess it yourself!

Matt Samolis himself, playing some pretty awesome flute.

Woo, lots of link-dropping!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm a Unity Freak In a Video World. Linoleum block print on 8.5x7 bristol paper.

This is my first image for my Fun-A-Day project. On January 1st, I was waiting for the bus to work when I looked at the light post and saw the phrase "I'm a unity freak in a video world" written on it in chalk.

Fun-A-Day Boston is having its show again very soon (more info on that later), and this print will be available for you to buy there. There's only 10 though (I made a run of 12, I'd like to keep 2) so do what you will.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Characters change so fast. Updated Mona. I don't know what she'll do in the winter.