Sunday, May 27, 2012

These two drawings are from a year ago, when I illustrated local food hero Anna Tourkakis' cookbook Delicious Simplicity. When I was given the assignment I was kinda like whuuuut, because black & white images of food are normally not appetizing, but looking back on these now I'm still pleased with them. It was a good challenge.

I drew more than two things for it. You can buy Delicious Simplicity at a Whole Foods Market in Massachusetts, or on Amazon. I'm on Amazon!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Someone I work with requested a drawing of the moon, because her two-year-old daughter is obsessed with it.
I love the fact that a little girl can be obsessed with the moon.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mona in the woods, like a ghost. Just an experiment...

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Watch out, Sabrina's got an M9! Wait, which one's the M9? Hey, they're both M9s!

A rendition of Sabrina, from the Criminal Macabre books by Steve Niles. It was pretty confusing at first when I searched for a drawing reference for the Leica M9 and all these guns showed up, especially since drawing a gun was in the plan anyway.

With all the fresh paint left, I made a few more sketches. Something from my book! Srom attending to his sickness and bones with flowers and herbs. Looks kinda Ben Shahn-ish, right? That's because I adore Ben Shahn's work.

A ritual rewatching of Vertigo was due. I always felt so sorry for Midge, learning the hard way that being a successful working artist in a big city isn't enough. You'll get obscured by this mystical mystery woman who's just so fucking fantastic and mesmerizing to everyone. You can never hope to meet her, so there's no opportunity to figure out what the hell's just so great about her so you can duplicate it. When you try, you just end up embarassing yourself. I hateHATE that scene where she shows the painting of herself to Scottie, because I just feel so bad for her, and possibly myself.

Maybe soon I'll get onto a fuller pallette. Having more than one color's vaguely interested me lately, but so has making lots and lots of relief prints. Pretty opposite, right?