Monday, May 02, 2011

Here is something I made…

Did you even know that Moleskinne books came in red? They don't have these around where I live, so when I saw this online I bought it right away.

This is the reason I bought it. I got a brand new oh so pretty iPod touch with my tax return (it took ten years, but I finaly have an ipod), but couldn't find a case for it that wasn't made without abusing people or the environment. So I borrowed some mod podge from the office and made my own. I pretty much stole the idea from here.

The Kindle app makes seem like a book of the future! You can read public doman books of the past for free with it!

And the back pocket still works.

Lately I just hate scanning, so you'll have to wait for any graphic art stuff. Hope you like my book-making/modding skills in its place!

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