Sunday, January 08, 2012

The day after Christmas, my friend Digger and I returned to the steel factory in Jamestown, NY.
We hadn't been there since summer 2007.
Some things have changed. Its photogenity (a real word?) has not!

Biggest change? One wall had fallen and there are huge holes in the roof. Structurally unsound much? We decided that if we heard any creaking, we'd just run for it. As good a story as it could be, pulling my friend out from under ceiling steel is NOT how I wanted to spend Christmas.

We decided that this machine is Bender's great great great great great grandfather.

When you walk around, it becomes evident that something's going on here. All the desks are gone and the wall demolition doesn't look like an accident. But there are no construction vehicles around and no sense of organization. There's evidence of squatters, but usually squatters improve and build up the place... not blow holes in the ceiling. Who are they, and where are they taking the remains?

Some photos from my last visit are on my old livejournal.

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